Bygga bil på Silcon Valley-vis

Paypals grundare Elon Musk är investerare och ordförande i Tesla Motors. Tesla är en elbil i Ferrari-klass med en aktionsradie på 250 miles.

Så här skriver Forbes: 

A week or so ago, I took my first trip in a Tesla. It is one cool California ride: a smoldering, red convertible with two low-slung bucket seats. I could practically feel the road as we purred along Silicon Valley’s scenic Highway 280, accelerating nimbly past BMWs and other ho-hum gas guzzlers

Teslas Webb:

Finns det elkraft nog om alla skulle göra elbil?

Så här skriver Mark Anderson på sin blogg:

“There are about 220MM vehicles in service in the US today. IF all of those were converted to Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles (a technology already available), the existing US electrical grid system has enough unused off-hours generating capacity to power 84% of US transport of cars and light trucks.”

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