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Microsoft Localization Team 1985

October 20, 2010

I got this photo from my friend Filippo and it brings back good old memories. This is probably 1985, and we were a bunch of people from all over the world managing the translation of Microsoft software. I remember my first company meeting downtown Bellevue. Old-timers got their 3- and 5-year awards and we were impressed with their seniority.

Lets see if I can remember some names.

From left

Michell Perrin, Hans-Werner Würzel, Christopher Heck, Blas Garcia-Moros (green shirt) Gerard Baz, Julio Pantoja, Serge ?, (lady in blue?), Axel Scovazzi, Jan-Eric Ramberg, Marie-Pierre Huitel, Denis Darpy, Filippo Gargani, Clara Steiner, Carl Stork (back row), Manager, Lionel Job, Felipe Sanchez-Romero, (is that Jeremy Butler with the tie?) Wolfgang Struss, Anna Prinz (now Baz) Joseph Mouhanna, Valerie Farbre, Marc Niaufre, Gustavo Medina, Karin Carter, Curt Johnson, Dan Carter